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Hello, there! I was interested in playing this game, but I am met with this text and no game:

Set current directory to /home/<username>/Desktop/gunstructor_game
Found path: /home/<username>/Desktop/gunstructor_game/Gunstructor.x86
Mono path[0] = '/home/<username>/Desktop/gunstructor_game/Gunstructor_Data/Managed'
Mono config path = '/home/<username>/Desktop/gunstructor_game/Gunstructor_Data/Mono/etc'
Preloaded ''
Player data archive not found at `/home/<username>/Desktop/gunstructor_game/Gunstructor_Data/data.unity3d`, using local filesystem

I am using Linux, specifically Ubuntu 16.04.2

Any help would be appreciated.

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I am also seeing the same problem on my side. The only difference is that I am running Debian 9. Also, the game has some issues with a multimonitor setup. The game would stretch across both screens and make the buttons not work. (Stuck on start screen)

Unfortunately, i don't think i can really fix this, because i have no idea how Linux builds in unity works.

This is a really cool DIY game! Love how powerful the gun shots are. The color choices are awesome and the overall simple shapes aesthetic works so well! 

I don't know why those other blue circle dudes want you dead, but good thing you know how to make weapons XD


Well, i haven't exactly thought up a grand plot for the game. So for now the plot is Video Games

I like the neon-blur visuals and the overall handling but some things need tweaking:

1. It would be nice to be able to delete specific parts in the editor (or maybe I didn't figure out how to do it yet).

2. If you put more than a few accelerators, the bullets start tunneling through the enemies, making it impossible to hit them. Depending on what kind physics engine you use, I suggest using time of impact solving or casting a short ray behind the bullet to always register an impact.

Thanks for the feedback

1 is now in the game.

2 is fixed, at least as much as i can at the moment.

Nice. Being abled to delete specific parts makes editing the guns a whole lot easier!

Also, the bullets stopped tunneling but they now go all over the place. Is this because I didn not put on enough barrels (recoil)?

Well yes and no, there was a bug i didn't notice before in terms of accuracy and recoil. Basically you're either accurate, or inaccurate. Nothing in between. So basically, if you added more barrels you should in theory reach the point where it will always be 100% accurate.

I have already fixed this i just haven't published the build yet (I have to disable a feature i was working to do so).

Seriously couldn't stop giggling to myself with how satisfying the combat is!


I really like the aesthetic of the game, a sort of dirty retro, but the visual effect, blur, noise and bloom, makes the construction menu impossible to read on high res screens, I can only tell there are boxes with text in them. I can't speak for other window sizes though.  I've added a screenshot for reference. Hoping to get the full experience!


Thanks for the feedback!

I was aware of this issue and thought i fixed it, but i guess not :P

It should be fixed now, if you find anything else then please let me know.


Video out tomorrow at 11am Central. The summary, it's fun as all hell but it doesn't have a lot of staying power. If there were some way to progress, earn better parts etc. I can see this being a mini masterpiece. Full thoughts and criticisms in the video. Music would be nice too but this is a fantastic foundation for a great game.

Thanks! It's gonna be really weird seeing my game on youtube

Since this was the first game i ever managed to actually finish (and i have a lot of trouble with actually doing that), i can't say for sure if i will add more content to the game.

It's also a little tricky to judge if i dislike my game (or game feature) because it's bad or because i made it. As i found out with this game, because i think it's just above bad at best. So i'm also gonna have to learn when something is actually bad and when my expectations are ridiculous.

we are all our own biggest critic, it took me a long time to actually start making videos for the same reasons. I hope that my playthrough sheds enough of an outside perspective for you to see the game beyond your own.