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Oh, I’m a huge fan of this spell composition mechanic. The game felt quite easy because the spells can be OP, and there’s a lot of healing around… but that’s not a huge problem, because I loved playing around with the spells!

Great job. I’m looking forward to exploring the rest of your games : )

The spell mechanic is super op but also very fun and easy to use. With a little balance it could be really great.

Oh wow, this is pretty cool! I like the idea of combining spell parts together using slots, and gradually gaining more and more slots. I think the game is a bit easy though; there are plenty of powerups and not all that many enemies. Maybe take some time to flesh it out some more, or do a redesign next year? 🙂


Due to my inexperience with game jams (this only my 2nd one) this game's code is an absolute mess, so if i revisit this idea it'll definitely be from scratch.

The game is cool and simple. I like how its all made up with text. Probably if you made the game with actual sprites and art. It would be better. Great game anyways.


I like it! It's simple, but unusual.